Ignore the Godless Grinches. Jesus is for Real.


Slapping down heretics: St. Nicholas, the prototype of Santa Claus, got away with it at the Council of Nicea. But I wouldn’t recommend it nowadays—no matter how provoked you feel.

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Time: Atheist Organization Decks Billboards with Christmas Jeer

Orlando Sentinel: Ban Displays at Capitol, Close Door to Absurdities

Washington Post: Did historical Jesus Really Exist? The Evidence Just doesn’t Add up.

Washington Post: Forget Santa Claus, Virginia. Was there a Jesus Christ?

Caesar’s Gallic Wars: How Old are the Manuscripts

Golden-throated crooners may tell us it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but informed Christians know better: The approach of Christmas also means the emergence of anti-yuletide cranks.

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For Us, Christmas is Still a Festival of Word and Song

Note: I entered this in my workplace essay contest and won a Starbuck’s card. There was literally no competition—mine was the only submission.

We probably first heard it on the radio during a Christmas Eve roadtrip to the in-laws. It must have seemed especially soothing, because it has become one of our favorite Yuletide traditions.

Still, why my wife and I love an anachronism like Cambridge University’s annual Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols is not easy to articulate.

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