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Apologetics Survey Weaves a Story You Can Believe

Man has been rebelling against God since well before the law was given on Mount Sinai, depicted here by Dore.

Godless despotism reached its apotheosis in the 20th century, killing millions and wreaking destruction on a scale unequaled in human history.

These crimes no doubt did much to taint the flavor of atheism associated with this murderous movement and the particular political forms in which it was manifested: fascism and communism.

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Ignorance Blitz: Archaeology Report an Excuse to Attack Bible

The destruction of the Amorites, as envisioned by Gustave Dore.


From the headlines accompanying archeological findings out of Lebanon you’d think that science had finally proved the Bible was nothing more than 4,000 years of fake news.

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Amazing Maybe, But Grace Not So Much

Jesus music without Jesus—the acclaimed 1975 album from a notorious cult.

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