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Saving the Planet from People: Book Chronicles “Fatal Cult of Anti-humanism”

Starving Irish beg for aid during the 19th century potato famine.

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Bon Mot

These are the days when the Christian is expected to praise every creed except his own.


Same Old Story: Blame the Carnage on Christians

Goths clash with Romans.

 Civil strife has been blamed on Christians since the days of Rome.

Christians with mouths agape at being made to share the guilt for the recent massacre at a gay nightclub in Florida would do well to consult history.

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Standing (in a Long Line) for Religious Freedom

Some of my co-workers stand (or is it sit) vigil outside the Supreme Court building.

Some of my co-workers abandon office comforts
in order to wait for a spot to a Supreme Court case.

Even now, several of my officemates are camped outside the U.S. Supreme Court building in hopes of getting seats to tomorrow’s arguments in the latest Obamacare religious liberty appeal.

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Men: Fall for Your Wives, Not Ashley Madison

When hackers first exposed the millions of men who signed up at Ashley Madison in hopes of cheating on their wives, the resulting furor overlooked a more surreal and tragic aspect of the scandal.

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Religious Freedom and the Right to Discriminate

In their haste to denounce Indiana’s religious freedom law (before it was revised) as a license to discriminate, critics not only threatened a treasured American principle, they lost sight of a fundamental truth about human nature.

To paraphrase the insurance commercial: People discriminate. It’s what they do.

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Charlie Hebdo Massacre no Redemption Story

Nothing about this is funny.

Not counting the perpetrators, some 16 French citizens lie dead, including several singled out and executed presumably in revenge for offending Islam.

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Ignore the Godless Grinches. Jesus is for Real.


Slapping down heretics: St. Nicholas, the prototype of Santa Claus, got away with it at the Council of Nicea. But I wouldn’t recommend it nowadays—no matter how provoked you feel.

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Time: Atheist Organization Decks Billboards with Christmas Jeer

Orlando Sentinel: Ban Displays at Capitol, Close Door to Absurdities

Washington Post: Did historical Jesus Really Exist? The Evidence Just doesn’t Add up.

Washington Post: Forget Santa Claus, Virginia. Was there a Jesus Christ?

Caesar’s Gallic Wars: How Old are the Manuscripts

Golden-throated crooners may tell us it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but informed Christians know better: The approach of Christmas also means the emergence of anti-yuletide cranks.

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Celebrated Suicide Means It’s Too Late to Rage

Brittany Maynard was young, lovely, vibrant. Now she is dead by her own hand.

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