Old World charm? Nicht! It’s New Glarus, Wis., the Swiss Capital of America.

Has COVID-19 canceled your dream trip to Europe?

Great news! There are pockets of Europe dotted across the United States. Small towns for the most part, inhabited by descendants of the immigrants who founded them. They celebrate the usual American holidays, but also celebrate their heritage in a big way.

Their buildings mimic European architecture, their restaurants feature ethnic dishes, and most of them hold festivals honoring their heritage.


Take a trip through an America you may not have noticed before, guided by Ruth Dentel—world traveler.

Her upbringing in Africa, her road-tripping with a major Broadway musical, and her quest to learn as much as she can about costume and heritage have cultivated in Ruth a wanderlust that has propelled her to six continents.

She’s also scouted out enclaves of the Old World here in the USA that are probably just a short drive from your home.

You can sample the delights of these towns—and plan your next trip—by browsing Ruth’s new book, Europe in America.


Lake Havasu City, Ariz.—Can’t get to Britain for tea and crumpets? Then head to the desert, where the original London Bridge was relocated by an American millionaire. After walking in the footsteps of Charles Dickens and Arthur Conan Doyle, shop for teapots or stop for a cuppa and scone.

New Glarus, Wis.—It’s not in the Alps, but this upper-Midwest community takes its Swiss heritage seriously. Catch the annual William Tell festival, spend the night in a chalet-themed hotel, or imagine the lives of settlers by examining artifacts at the Swiss Historical Village.

Tarpon Springs, Fla.—Greek sponge divers brought a piece of the Mediterranean to this port on Florida’s Gulf Coast. Their influence can still be seen in the colorful architecture and culture. Take a boat ride, dine on souvlaki, and pay your respects to the patron saint of mariners at the local Orthodox church.


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