Is religion a lie? Is God an illusion caused by a virus of the mind? Several best-selling atheists authors think so. And they claim science supports them, citing in particular the theory of evolution and its implicit agnosticism.

But these new atheists are intent on more than exposing religious faith as a fable. They see religion as evil, the source of most—if not all—of what’s wrong with the world. Consequently, they are on a crusade to make faith in God a thing of the past.

The God Imperative
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But are they right? Would society be better off if it rejected God and turned instead to a rationalist basis for law and ethics?

In a word, no.

In his book, The God Imperative, author Dave Dentel exposes point by point the falsehoods behind the new atheists’ arguments. His findings include:

Science and the weakness of evolution: How Darwinism fails as a comprehensive theory because it can’t account for life origins, describe a mechanism for evolutionary change, or explain the rise of human consciousness. It certainly can’t prove God doesn’t exist. New scientific evidence, meanwhile, points toward design.

Free will and the problem of evil: Calling religion evil actually points to a bigger problem, accounting for why the notion of fairness and justice even exist. As so many great religious minds have argued, morality must come from a transcendent source—otherwise systems of right and wrong are just opinions. Much of what is evil in the world, though, happens because of how human beings exercise their free will.

Historic failures of secularism: Abortion, human trafficking, child exploitation and other ills show that secular morals favored by the new atheists actually cause major problems for society. Similarly, completely godless regimes of the recent past have yielded humanity’s worst atrocities.

Why God is our only hope: How the true legacy of religion proves that religious faith, especially Christianity, is a civilizing force. It promotes rational thought, the rule of law, and the promise of redemption.

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About the Author

When the actions of a small-town school board in Dover, Pa., provoked a federal lawsuit and made intelligent design a national issue, Dave Dentel was perhaps the only local journalist to write commentary in support of the theory. His analysis provoked spirited replies, as well as an offer to critique the evolutionary view of human origins for a compilation of essays on alternative science.

The God Imperative expands on his earlier criticism of evolution, especially in its use as a prop for scientism and attacks on religion. It also examines the rational basis for theistic faith, and why believing in a Christian redeemer is not only reasonable, but imperative.

After more than a decade as a newspaper editor, he now works at an education advocacy organization in Virginia.


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